Half & Whole Beef Orders


We charge $4.00 per pound of hanging weight.  “Hanging weight” is the weight of the carcass before the bones are removed and it’s cut into individual pieces.  The average hanging weight of a whole is about 700# (350# for a half). That puts the cost of a half at $1400 before processing.  The actual weight depends on the size of an individual animal.


Processing is done by Sunnyside Meats who will charge $0.90 per pound of hanging weight or more depending on how you ask them to cut and package.  There are many different ways to cut certain parts depending on your preferences and eating habits (boneless vs. bone-in, T-Bone steaks vs. N.Y. Strip steaks and Filet Mignon, etc.). Our carcasses hang for two weeks as part of Sunnyside’s dry aging process. They are very accommodating toward “first-timers.” They have several price options which, ultimately, reflect your instructions. At $0.90 per pound of hanging weight, processing should run around $315 plus $40 for slaughter per half. That puts the total cost at about$1755 based on our 2016 average hanging weight.


Delivery Options:

  1. You can pick up your packaged and frozen meat at Sunnyside Meats in Durango.
  2. We can pick it up and store it for you at the ranch until you can come get it.
  3. We can deliver it to your home (within a 100 mile radius of Mancos, CO).